The Ischools experience

May 20, 2009


It has been the greatest summer of my life! being chosen as one of the participants for the first ever CAMP BLOG, it has been a bang from the start until present. We are now at the third day of the training program and now have lots of knowledge gained from various resource persons. Given luxurious villas to camp in, and foods delicious to the last strip, all the camp bloggers are very much satisfied with the said event. Camp Blog is the BEST!

Different campers from all over the Philippines have come to Manila to participate in this said event. It is a prestigious event building the foundation of others to be a part of the team who will build the bridge to the digital divide. It will bring about great change not only to the camper but to all the Filipino citizens.

3 Responses to “The Ischools experience”

  1. ischoolrarelova Says:

    you are good in correspondence keep it up…………..

  2. ischoolshlgarillos Says:

    kuya,pareho pala tayo ng b-day…d ko naitanong sa iyo kahapon… birthday ko po bukas gustong mo bang kumain ng ice cream?ilelebre kita….jejeje.COMMENT NAMAN DIYAN…

  3. ischoolskjigabileo Says:

    gandang hapon po!!!!katherine po 2..visit mo nman po ang blog ko tapos kung pwede leave ka ng comment please,please,please,please……….cge na

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