Have you ever seen the house that Benigno Aquino used to live in? Have you been to Paradise? Have you ever crossed that wide blue ocean making us distant from one another?

Let me take you on a wild ride based on my experiences on the best summer I have ever had. Sit back and relax, fasten your seatbelt, we are now boarding Bryan’s flight through text version.

CAMP BLOG 2009!!

building educational resources for all (by all)

May 18 2009

3:00 am – 10:45 am

The day it all started!

I woke up before my alarm even rang for 3 in the morning, due excitement on going to Manila for the very third time. It was a very cold dawn since it was raining in Mindanao. The cold chill of the whispering wind blew with great passion. It was the time when my father and I had to go to CDO for my flight to Manila. It was my first time ever riding an airplane so I was a little ignorant as you might say. I was with my teacher who was my companion to Manila. We qualified as participant for the first ever Camp Blog workshop held at Pampanga Agricultural College in Pampanga. It was a lot of fun getting there, we boarded a plane with another Camp Blog recipient from Camiguin. I was very surprised when I went to my seat, just at the other group of seats sat a very famous Filipino band Kamikazee, I thought my eyes were just playing tricks on me. I was very foolish to let this chance slip by me, it was a once in a lifetime experience to have a famous band be in the same plane with you and yet you were not able to take some time and have a picture. I was a little depressed yet very excited, excited to meet new faces from all over the country.

10:45 am – 5:30 pm

By the time our plane landed, we went straight to the waiting area then up to the ticketing section to meet the other participants. after all the participants had gathered, we went to a drive through to have our lunch, there we had a little time to talk with our newly met friends.We then headed out to Mimosa in Pampanga where we spent our ten days in buffet meals and luxurious villas. By the time we arrived at Mimosa, CICT member immediately welcomed us and gave us our instructions as we went along. We were immediately given our very first excercise which was the getting to know each other through our drawings on our canvas bags. These bags represented us and about what our personalities are. After we had finished our first activity, we had our dinner in buffet style, we were divided according to gender to our respective villas. We stayed at villa 1056, it has the same features as the other villas but is different when it comes to style. I was with Mr. Ricardo Relova, the mastermind behind our plans, Mr. Chito Florenosos, our shy pretty boy, Mr. Eduard Yabut , our active and friendly room mate and Marcelo Lacap III, our resident chickboy who is just about the same age as me. We called it a day and had our first night at villa 1056.

May 19 2009

The second day!

Bryan with Sir Chito!

It was the official start of our training spearheaded by the CICT. We started our morning with a buffet breakfast at hilltop restaurant in Mimosa. After every one had finished eating, we proceeded to the conference hall for the opening program. Different speakers gave their own individual inspiring message to all the particpants, who were very excited to start off their day. After all the speakers had given their speeches, the ABS-CBN crew came and made a report about the first ever campblog.  Then came the leveling of expectations with Christian Placido Calma, a.k.a. CP. Then Ms. Antonette Torres, the iSchools Project Manager, discussed about the objectives, rules and schedule of campblog.
After lunch Dr. Alejo J. Espinosa, a.k.a Dr. Bingo, from the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU), started the first plenary session about understanding the 21st century digital learning world. The one who followed him was Dr. Jose Lloyd D. Espiritu of De La Salle Universitiy (DLSU), who discussed about Technology Integration in Teaching. Then came Ms. Katrina Stuart Santiago’s plenary on online research. and that was the end of the second day.

May 20 2009

The 3rd day, 1st day in PAC

It was our third day in Mimosa and it was also our first day in PAC. We were very excited about how things worked out for the past two days.

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