May 22, 2009


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My Profile

May 21, 2009

I am BRYAN LEONARD L. LUMAYA of Impasugong National High School, Impsugong Bukidnon. Born on May 09 1993 to Mr. Bonifacio Lumaya, a multicab driver, and Mrs. Gladys Lumaya, a math II teacher in Impasugong NHS. We are a family of five, Im the eldest son, and I have 1 sister and one brother. We currently reside on Impasugong Bukidnon and is very much stable with our daily living. I wil be a 4th yr. student this incoming June and hopes to graduate with recognition at any level in order to be encouraged to face the college life, and finally reach the goal I aspire.

Ask them

May 21, 2009


It has been the greatest summer of my life! being chosen as one of the participants for the first ever CAMP BLOG, it has been a bang from the start until present. We are now at the third day of the training program and now have lots of knowledge gained from various resource persons. Given luxurious villas to camp in, and foods delicious to the last strip, all the camp bloggers are very much satisfied with the said event. Camp Blog is the BEST!

Different campers from all over the Philippines have come to Manila to participate in this said event. It is a prestigious event building the foundation of others to be a part of the team who will build the bridge to the digital divide. It will bring about great change not only to the camper but to all the Filipino citizens.